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From: Crossing Over

Arriving In a New Dimension

"The first phase of our journey was all about bringing up the
vibration of the planet, by transmuting the denser energies through
ourselves, attempting to bring in new and higher vibrating ways and
systems, healing and assisting others in bringing up their
vibrations, and basically, moving and shaking the energy on the
planet as much as possible.

Much of the time, whether we realized it or not, these tasks were
performed simply through our presence alone, and no intent was even
necessary. This is why so many of us relocated so many times to
different geographical locations, and found ourselves with
individuals, systems, and other varying scenarios that vibrated
much lower than we did. Our own personal energy and vibration was
needed in order to assist with this massive undertaking.
These times and these roles, then, are now complete and forever
gone. In this way, much has changed and really, things will now be
quite different.
We have finally and completely left the old reality behind, along with
our prior purpose, and now find ourselves perhaps wondering
what in the world will happen next, what our new roles are all about,
and even confused about what we want to create for ourselves;
or maybe even very excited about our very new lives!

Before we can create anything in the new world, we vitally need to
complete a very first step before anything can even manifest for
us. This first step involves becoming very clear about who we are,
what we are here to contribute, and what it is that we really and
truly desire for ourselves.

It is vitally important then, to really know who we are and what
our purpose is, because we will utilize our soul purpose to create
our store-fronts, as well as to determine how we will fit into the
new communities of higher living and being.

In addition, we can certainly create whatever we choose, and it
does not necessarily need to fit into the model of the new
communities and into the model of our store-fronts. When the line
was drawn in the sand, we were given choices; choices about
integrating back into the mainstream, moving forward in alignment
with our soul purpose and plan, or even leaving altogether through
the physical death process.

In addition, with the advent of the big explosion that the solstice
of June 2009 created, each and every one of us was thrown out of
our old grooves, landing in very new territory, with very different
connections to those around us. There was then much more space in
between our brothers and sisters, and connecting then, related to
who was at our specific vibrational level and purpose. For some of
us, there was really no one then around us that felt right or in
alignment with where we were (notably, the forerunners), and for
others, a new space was created with much company and much of the
same in regard to what we had been doing in the past.

What feels right and looks right may vary for each and every one of
us. How do we know and identify then, what it is that we really and
truly desire?

In times past, we were strongly guided by source, our star families
of origin, and the universe. At times along the way, we may have
thought that we really and truly wanted something, and found to our
dismay, that what we wanted simply could not and would not manifest
for us. There are several reasons for this scenario, and when you
understand why, it all makes sense:

1.    The group energy, or one mind of all of us who created and who
are experiencing the ascension process, made a plan, and thus,
needed and agreed to follow this plan each step of the way. As
things progressed (and notably, at times, did not progress), we
tweaked and molded the plan according to the situations then
present, so in this way, although there has always been a general
plan, the path there was always open to change and flexibility. As
mentioned so many times in this e-book, things did not progress as
we had hoped, and if even at all, extremely slowly. So then, we
pulled out all the stops, placing ourselves in every situation we
could, in order to ensure the success of our plan. This was our
main goal during this first phase; our goal was not to manifest for
ourselves, all of our heart's desires, as it was not yet time for
this particular phase. We were dedicated to our purpose then, and I
believe that most of us gave it our all. In this way, whenever we
may have felt that it was time to manifest a community, or a
beautiful sacred space, or a new and special spiritual retreat, or
even much of anything for ourselves alone, we were at times unable
to do these things in the ways that we expected. Why, then, was it
so hard to manifest during these times?

A.    We were being guided and assisted by our souls and our star
families, who knew more than we did at the time. I remember a time
several years ago, when I was asked to go to a specific spot in
nature, with a massive waterfall flowing over a large mountain, in
order to connect to the special energy there and to bring it more
fully into the planet. I have never believed that we were meant to
be ordered around against our will for these strange duties, so I
declined. Later that day, my grandchildren and I were trying to
decide where to go for a day in nature. Oddly enough, we ended up
right at that particular spot anyway! Bringing in and assisting
with the energies in order to raise the vibration of the planet,
was our sole (soul) purpose during this first phase, seemingly
whether we liked it or not! In this way, many of us ended up in
places and situations we may not have chosen by our conscious

B.    We could not manifest at times, because we would soon rapidly
evolve out of our current desires, and would then have to back out
or re-do or un-do what we had just manifested. This is one of the
main reasons that we were blocked at times. Also, manifesting
strictly for ourselves alone, without regard to the whole, was not
in alignment with our purpose during the first phase, but that
situation has now changed to a degree. This will be more fully
explained further on in this e-book.

C.    We could not manifest at times, because it simply was not yet
time. The vision that many of us have held, in regard to creating
the original blueprint for the earth, as this is really what some
of us came to do, was simply not ready to be hatched until we
reached a certain frequency within ourselves and within the planet.
Many tried to create specific things, but they frequently fell
apart, disbanded, or could never get off the ground at all. It was
simply not yet time, as we were still involved with the first
phase. And even though many of us were quite ready within
ourselves, we still needed to wait for the critical mass situation
to be complete before we could be released, in order to then move
into something very new; alas, our very new roles, or for some,
their own version of heaven on earth.

These are but a few of the reasons that we have been held back for
so long. And these are reasons as well, that common manifesting
techniques and manifesting knowledge simply would not work as they
should have in certain situations. The soul always pulls rank on
the law of attraction, for instance, as soul level anything
vibrates the highest. Our souls and soul plans always run the

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